Thursday, July 14, 2016


Imagine when you go comit some kind offence, and when you don serve ya time finish for yonda, de govment go come force you to register for dem website wey talk say you been do dis kind bad tin!

Dis one na wetin go happen to you if become sex offender. Weda na pikin you knack (0-17 years), or na adult wey you rape, you must register as sex offender for any place wey you go ever live. And once you pack, you must inform govment and you go need to register ya new address for dat local govment website wey you pack go.

And if na small pikin wey you been sleep with, you no go ever live near any school, or any place we small pikin dem dey meet. You no go ever get work for any place wey small pikin dem dey meet like-school.

And make you no even try to decieve govment people oo! If you fall any of dis new rules when dem don give you, na back to angola wey you go find ya sef. Dis one na proper life sentence oo. You dey find work na problem, you wan be teacher, dat one no go happen. Even sef if you no careful, you fit lose ya children. Before you rent house, you must check weda school dey near de place.

But if we come check as tins dey happen for naija, sex offenders dey enjoy oo! With ya money, you fit beat de case. And with de stigma wey dey follow rape, most people no dey fit get mind to report to police. And na so plenty people especially females just dey fall victims to dis heartless people. Na only God go save pessin for dis we naija sef!

And dis one come make me remember those awa HONORABLES wey go yankee come show dem sef. I sure say una know wetin I dey talk about. lol!

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  1. Na wa oh, na only God fit help us for this naija......


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